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Sleep dentistry for a root canal at your general dentist in Whanganui New Zealand

Patients have nothing to fear when it comes to getting root canal treatment as this is always done under a local anaesthetic, so that you won’t feel a thing for any procedure with a general dentist in Whanganui New Zealand. However, at the Dentist on Glasgow, we realise that some patients have deep-set fears and anxieties when it comes to dental procedures and can cause themselves a great deal of harm by avoiding the dentist altogether. We are pleased to tell you that you no longer need to be doing this because, thanks to sleep dentistry you can go through any procedure, including a root canal, and feel nothing.

What is sleep dentistry?

Unlike the name suggests, you won’t actually be fully asleep as there is no general anaesthetic used for this procedure. Instead we use a drug called Midazolam which goes directly into your bloodstream. This drug will make you feel drowsy but still alert enough to answer questions, you will also feel extremely relaxed and calm throughout the procedure and it has an amnesic effect so that you will recall very little of anything going on around you which means there will be no memory of any traumatic experience like the sound of drills or triggering smells.

Is it safe?

This drug when administered by a general dentist in Whanganui New Zealand is very safe and effective way to treat dental phobias temporarily, it can last an hour in your system and will take 4 hours before you start to feel completely normal. You may not drive for 24hours after having the injections so we advise that you get someone to take you home after surgery until the effects have fully worn off. So there will be some time taken out of your day post-surgery but your body will be busy working at healing you in this period so it is well worth it.

Any medications you may be on need to be discussed with the dentist as they may clash with the drug and we advise abstaining from food and drinks for a few hours before surgery to avoid nausea.

What will we do during the root canal?

Sometimes knowing what to expect is half the fear extinguished and what you can expect at your general dentist in Whanganui New Zealand is a standard, routine treatment for an infected tooth. The reason you need a root canal is that the pulp inside the tooth has picked up a bacterial infection and it needs to be cleaned out, this involves some drilling and a small amount of jets of liquid to clean the rot out of the tooth, once this is complete we will fill the tooth once more and cap it with a temporary crown, but not to worry you are not likely to remember anything that goes on and can go through the root canal therapy blissful and happy. We may recommend a course of antibiotics to make sure the infection stays away.

Disclaimer: All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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