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Replacing and maintaining teeth with our general dentist for Whanganui New Zealand

Losing a tooth as an adult can be a very stressful situation to find yourself in. Premature tooth loss in adults can occur as a result of many different reasons. One of the main causes is poor dental hygiene and avoiding the dentist. Other causes of premature tooth loss include tooth decay, gum disease and periodontal disease caused as a result of poor dental hygiene. Poor lifestyle choices such as smoking, excessive drinking and drug abuse can result in tooth loss. Unavoidable edentulism is caused by certain illnesses and medication which can weaken your teeth and cause them to fall out. Also unexpected dental loss can be caused by an accident or an injury to your mouth.

Senior patients can prevent missing teeth by visiting our general dentist for Whanganui, New Zealand on a regular basis and maintaining good dental hygiene at home. If you look after your teeth carefully then they are designed to last for the whole of your life. Tooth loss is not a natural part of the ageing process, despite what many people think. If you want to preserve your teeth for the whole of your life then it is essential that you visit our general dentist for Whanganui, New Zealand at least once every six months as well as the hygienist, to prevent plaque and tartar from developing on your teeth and causing irreversible damage and missing teeth. You also need to maintain excellent dental hygiene at home, make healthy food and drink choices, avoid lifestyle choices that will harm your teeth and body and report any worrying dental signs or symptoms to our dentist immediately so that they can be treated quickly and effectively without causing significant damage to your teeth.

Replacing missing teeth

If you have lost a tooth for any of the above reasons then you need to visit our dentist for Whanganui, New Zealand as soon as possible and have your tooth replaced before it results in more missing teeth. One missing tooth can quickly cause more of your teeth to fall out, therefore any delays can cause further complications. Our dentist will examine the gap left by your missing tooth and check for any signs of infection, gum recession or bone loss. This is very common after losing a tooth and can worsen very quickly if you do not visit the dentist. We will check if you are ready to have the tooth replaced or whether the area needs more time to heal. If you are ready to replace the missing tooth then we will put together an individually tailored treatment plan for you. Our general dentist for Whanganui, New Zealand recommends replacing missing teeth with dental implants. A dental implant is a permanent solution for tooth loss and is ideal for patients who have lost a tooth early on in life. The process itself takes approximately six months, however with life–long results it is worth the wait. Speak to our general dentist today and find out more about healthy teeth and gums and replacing missing teeth where necessary.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.

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