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Digital Dentures


Digital Dentures

Have you lost or broken your denture? Worried how long it's going to take to get a replacement?

Don’t worry! We have the best and the latest technology in the market to either 3D print or mill a denture digitally so that you don't have to wait for weeks or months to get a replacement denture.

Please call us and our team can get this sorted for you!!.

There are two ways of creating dentures available on the market today. 

There is the traditionally made denture that is made using physical impressions of the mouth. The second type is made using a digital impression of the mouth, taken using an intraoral digital scanner. 

In the digital denture process, our team at Dentist on Glasgow use Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools to craft a perfectly fitting denture using 3D models of your mouth. 


The digitally modelled dentures are then created using our very own state of the art laboratory’s 3D printing and milling technologies. 

The digital dentures and the denture’s teeth are milled out of a solid disc of perfectly cured, hard resin which does not distort as it cures. This can be a problem with conventional dentures. This also helps to make the denture suction better to the inside of the mouth for an improved and feel and experience. The resin used is also a much harder material that is proven to last longer and withstand impacts better than that used in traditionally made dentures. 

The appointment process is slightly different between the two types of dentures. 

Traditional dentures require multiple appointments for molds, extractions, fittings, and adjustments. With digital dentures it takes only two or three appointments, which includes if there are any adjustments to be made. 

Digital dentures have come a long way. We use proven technology to digitally model how your teeth should bite together, the amount of tooth that will be displayed, the positioning of the front teeth and a lot of other aspects that eliminate the guess work when making a fantastic set of dentures. 


By using this process, the digital dentures have been proven to be much more predictable and comfortable compared to the traditional dentures. 

In the case of traditional dentures, if a denture gets lost or has been broken accidentally, we will have to start all over again from the impression stage and you may have to wait up to four weeks before you can have a new denture made. Whereas, with the digital dentures, we can fabricate your replacement dentures almost immediately. This is because your digital files will be stored on our data base, ready to be used in case of a broken or lost denture.

Tips for Maintaining Oral health with Dentures 

  • Rinse your dentures every time you eat: it’s important to give them a quick rinse after eating. 

  • Brush your dentures daily. With nothing abrasive, do not use toothpaste on your dentures.

  • Keep your dentures in denture solution overnight.  It’s not advisable to sleep with your dentures in. 

  • Make sure you look after your whole mouth, not just the denture 

  • Get a dental checkup regularly, or as soon as you notice something unusual

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