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How do routine check-ups at the dentist improve overall wellbeing?

Do you know what the important factors are that contribute to overall wellbeing? The factors most people readily agree on are sticking to a balanced healthy diet, plenty of good quality sleep and physical exercise. Bonus points if you include meditation, limiting stress and deep breathing. While all these are essential to promote wellbeing, there is one other that is often least mentioned – oral health checks at the general dentist for Whanganui, New Zealand.

At the Dentist on Glasgow, we are strong advocates for regular visits to our general dentist for Whanganui, New Zealand for routine health checks. Many of our patients are surprised to learn that the examination of teeth and gums can be a whole lot more revealing than just the state of dental health.

Teeth and gums may seem far removed and unconnected to life-sustaining systems like the cardio and respiratory systems, but in fact, healthy teeth and gums play a vital role in keeping the heart and lungs as well as other bodily systems healthy. In today’s blog post, we go over some of the very important reasons to keep to your six-monthly visits to our general dentist for Whanganui, New Zealand.

How our dentist can improve your health

Routine examinations of teeth and gums can rule out potential problems. Healthy teeth and gums mean less likelihood of dental emergencies and the accompanying debilitating pain. When you have tooth-related pain, it is a struggle to eat, sleep, talk or even think. Tooth and gum checks and any preventive measures recommended by a dentist mean no cavities or risk of tooth decay. One of the best benefits of regular visits to our dentist is that you keep your smile bright and beautiful.

For a body to function properly, it needs good nutrition. Healthy strong teeth are required to ensure you bite and chew without any problems. Good and efficient digestion also depends on your ability to grind food down into minute pieces before swallowing. A well-balanced diet is essential to keep the immune system strong and to be able to fend off illness and disease.

Lack of quality sleep can have an adverse impact on wellbeing. In addition to promoting dental health, our dentist can also diagnose sleep apnoea, a common thief of sleep. If you are suffering from chronic fatigue and irritability due to sleep apnoea, our dentist will be able to suggest suitable treatment options.

Part of maintaining good dental health is to have good control over your oral hygiene. The moist environment of your oral cavity makes a welcome haven for bacteria – both the good kind and the disease-causing kind.

A good oral hygiene practice limits the population of bad bacteria to within acceptable levels. When the levels of bad bacteria rise to overthrow the good kind, all sorts of problems begin to occur in the mouth. The first signs of tooth decay begin when plaque deposits begin to accumulate on teeth. The evidence of plaque also puts gum health at risk.

Not only is bad bacteria bad news for the mouth, but for the heart and lungs as well. These harmful pathogens escape into the bloodstream and are carried into the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. These bacteria clog the vessels and arteries increasing the risk of blood clots. They also cause inflammation in the body. Pneumonia, heart attacks and strokes are some of the common medical conditions linked to bad bacteria from the mouth. Routine teeth and gum checks are also important to protect lung and heart health.

Find excellent quality dental care at our Dentist on Glasgow.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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