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General dentist in Whanganui

Updated: Jan 23

General dentistry is a term that encompasses a range of different treatments that are important in maintaining and protecting your teeth and gums. These are treatments that our general dentist in Whanganui performs regularly, and to a high standard. It is important to maintain your oral health by taking care of your teeth, as well as visiting us for regular dental check-ups to try and prevent any problems. However, if we do find any, we will be here every step of the way to help.

Wisdom teeth extractions

This type of treatment is quite common, as your wisdom teeth typically come through later on in your life rather than as a child like your other ones would. This means that sometimes there is not enough space in between your other teeth for it to grow into the correct position, this is when you would need your wisdom tooth extracted. If your wisdom tooth doesn’t have enough space to grow, it can be very uncomfortable and painful, and potentially damage the surrounding teeth and gums if it’s left too long.

This procedure will usually start with us taking an x-ray of your teeth, so we can have a deeper look at how your teeth are positioned. After this, depending on your circumstances, we may offer you sedation or local anaesthetic if you are feeling nervous. Your general dentist for Whanganui, New Zealand is highly skilled in extracting wisdom teeth and will be as careful as possible whilst doing the extraction to reduce recovery time.

Root canal treatment

Another general dentistry procedure that we regularly do here at our dental practice are root canal treatments. You will usually need this treatment when you have an infected tooth due to damage or decay. This infection can spread deep into your teeth, and into your root canal system, which can be painful. This can also cause the tooth to weaken and if left too long then it can increase the risk of getting an abscess and causing further problems.

When you have a root canal treatment with us, we will use local anaesthetic to ensure you are as comfortable as possible throughout the process. We will begin by placing a rubber dam in your mouth to isolate the tooth, and then access the centre of the tooth using a small drill. After this, we will deep clean the root canal system to rid your tooth of the infection and any bacteria as much as possible. To complete the procedure, we will then temporarily fill your tooth in and cover it with a crown. You will then come back for a later visit where our general dentist for Whanganui, New Zealand will examine the tooth again to make sure the infection has fully gone, and then permanently fill it in.

Emergency dental care

Sometimes unexpected things can happen with your teeth and gums, such as breakages, unexpected infections, and more. This is why we offer an emergency dental service for those times when your pain is too hard to cope with. If you have chipped your tooth, or it has fallen out, we might be able to reattach it, depending on the condition of it. If we can’t reattach it, we will extract it for you and give you options of what you can do next to replace it.

As well as breakages, another common reason that our patients come to us for emergency appointments is toothache. This can be extremely painful and debilitating, if you are experiencing this pain, and it does not go away with painkillers, then this is when you should contact us. Some other symptoms also include swelling and sensitivity.

Disclaimer: All dental treatments can carry risks, make sure you discuss these with your dentist before proceeding.


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