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Can a root canal turn your tooth black? Top endodontic myths debunked by our dentist

When you have recently had a dental infection, chances are you are looking for ways to avoid being in that level of discomfort ever again.

And, while you may believe that an extraction is the only way to achieve this goal, if the infected tooth was at the front of your mouth, it's unlikely to be the aesthetically pleasing answer you are looking for.

You may have heard of the alternative treatment for an infected tooth; a root canal or endodontics. But you also may have heard rumours about this treatment and may have concerns about what undertaking it may entail.

Our general dentist for Whanganui New Zealand has helped many patients restore their smiles using a root canal and can attest to the success of this treatment. We will guide you through the process step by step and will answer any questions you have in jargon-free language, so you can make the best choice about your care. Brilliant!

So, what are some of the myths and mistruths you may have heard about root canals and what is the truth behind them?

Myth- It kills the tooth

As our general dentist for Whanganui, New Zealand will tell you, a root canal does not kill the tooth. It restores the tooth, by removing the infected tissue preventing the recurrence of another infection.

So, you won’t need to worry about biting into a sandwich with a tooth that has had a root canal.

Myth- It hurts

This is one of the more prevalent myths about root canals and our team finds it to be one of the most puzzling.

Our general dentist for Whanganui New Zealand will numb the area before beginning treatment and in any case, as the infection is removed, the discomfort of it will subside. So, no, a root canal doesn’t hurt!

Myth- The tooth will turn black

This is linked to the myth about the tooth dying following endodontics and frankly, it isn’t true.

A tooth that has had a root canal performed on it will physically look the same as the rest of the teeth in your mouth. In fact, many studies have found in the years following a root canal procedure, the tooth which it was performed on, in appearance, remained the same as the surrounding teeth, so in the long term it is a far better aesthetic result than an extraction!

Myth- It simply delays an extraction

There have been instances in which a tooth that has had a root canal has needed to be extracted.

However, this is quite rare; as we mentioned before, when we perform a root canal, we are aiming to restore the tooth long term, bypassing the need for an extraction. Should this fail, we may need to extract but this is in the minority of cases.

Myth- It doesn’t last very long

Correctly performed and maintained with good oral hygiene and biannual visits to our team, a root canal should last the rest of your life without hassle.

If you suspect an issue, however, contact our team.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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